Welcome to the Drakyris Empire, where his Imperial Majesty, Kyrak Khar the Undreaming, High Lord and Master of the of the Endless Skies rules from the Dragon Throne in Untouchable Durlak Rhyn and struggles to guide the last great empire against the Alliance of the Crimson Spear and their unnatural allies from the Twilight Void

If you are the chosen heroes as foretold in scrolls of Avi Khar-dhan, than fate will take you from the border city of Árnyék víz to the very heart of the Dreaming Empire and beyond. If you are worthy, stay the course and somehow manage to survive, you will rise to become a hero of the empire, your name cheered by millions as a prayer of hope within the empire and as a whispered nightmare by your foes.

Be warned. This is not a path for the faint of heart for the Alliance of the Crimson Spear are implacable foes and their unnatural allies will not rest until the Dragon throne is cast down and all of her people enslave or dead.

Shadows of the Dragon Throne