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Greeting most honored and sublime hero. My name is Adjar Ven, sometimes misrepresented as the Wise. I am the humble Keeper of the Imperial Library in Házig Azság. My master has commanded that I make myself available to you and so I offer you what limited knowledge I posses.

As my master desires that you come to scholars knowledge of The Empire I will, with your permission, present to you such lessons as are prepared for the scions of his dread majesty.

As it is Perfect Harmony, I will divide these lessons into three catagories;

  1. Utasai, the study of the People of the Empire. This will include the lists and discussions of historic personages, an examination of the races that compose empire, their culture as well as portraits of personages of significance for those of use blessed to live under the benificiant rule of His Imperial Majesty, Kyrak Khar the Undreaming, High Lord and Master of the of the Endless Skies.
  2. Helyek Drakyris or the Geography of Drakyris, from the Blade sharp Peaks of the Borotva Mountains to the Deep forest of the Árnyék-Kez dőlap, you will learn of the undreamed marvels of it’s lakes and rivers, variey and diversity of it’s cities as it reflects the mydrid of races that populate the empire and their own unique cultures.
  3. Ad Ojgok or the study of the Wonders of Drakyris There in you will find the empire’s structure, it’s cultures, it’s treasures, and it’s history. We will examine the institutions that are the pillars of the Dragon Throne as well as Phillosophies that make this the Last Great Empire.

When you have Mastered these three topics we discuss the Törvény or the Laws that bind the Empire together and are the measure of one’s life. While I would not expect you to master all of the 5248 laws of the Dragon, it is here that you will discover the rules that define not only who you are but what you can do and how you can do it.

Further I beg that you understand that if I fail this, the fault is mine and my master is blameles despite any shame I have brought to him.

Main Page

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