Utasai, the study of the People of the Empire

Utasai, The study of the People of the Empire

1. Races

Antha’Jyr or Humans

The Gol’Lyr’Ardic or Goblin’s

  • The Emberi-Golb, who’s combination of intelligence and brawn often makes them one of the most dangerous of the Goblin races.
  • The Sarn-Golb or Blood Goblins who’s ferocious strength and courage leads them to make up a large portion of the Armies of the Empire.
  • The K’sont-Golb or Bone Goblins who’s bone and spur ridden skin makes them invulnerable to many blows.
  • The Hamu-Golb or Ash Goblin best known for their dark cunning which more than makes up for their dimunitive size.
  • The Nag’Szerű-Golb or Great Goblins, known best for their ferocious loyalty to the empire and make up the vast majority of the Imperial Jade Dragons.
  • The Vas-Golb or iron Goblins who are blessed with both prodigious strength and size.
  • The Feket’r-Golb who are called Shadow Goblins. They are well respected for their wit and talents in the mystic arts.

The Méretezett or Dragon kin

Szarden or The Children of Twilight.

The Mások or the other

2. Figures of Significance

  • The Emperor

3. Historical Figures

  • The First emperor

Utasai, the study of the People of the Empire

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